British Horse Society Classes

New for 2022

We are delighted to have joined forces with the British Horse Society (BHS) to offer special classes for BHS Gold Members.

We will be awarding prizes to the top 3 Pleasure Riders and the top Competitive rider who are BHS Gold Members.

To be in with a chance just enter as an ILDRA Member or Non-Member for a Vetted Pleasure Ride of 16km or 32km or a CTR ride (ILDRA Members or qualified riders only for CTR rides) and just add your BHS Gold Membership number to the box on the entry form. If you have already entered just bring your membership card and declare on the day when you register in the ride office that you are a BHS Gold member.
Please bring your Membership card even even if you have entered online.

If you have already entered don’t worry you can declare of the day and upgrade from a PR to a VPR at no extra cost if needed. We even have stewards to help you with the vetting - so it will all be very easy – and it adds some extra interest and fun to the day.

Scoring is done using a formula that is explained on the website below and prize winners will be announced at the dinner on the night after the ride – get your tickets when you enter and take your horse home and come back or stable and camp or book into a local B&B or hotel.

BHS Event New for 2022

Team Event

Returns in 2022

We are again running the very popular Team Event for 2022

We have had limited and closed team event in the past for Pony Club, Riding Clubs and schools etc. but as in 2019 we are expanding this to open it up to everyone.

Teams will be made up of 3 or 4 people - best 3 scores to count - with prizes and rosettes for the best teams.

There will be great prizes for the winning and runner up teams so well worth putting your name forward

Individuals can enter either of the 16km or 32km Pleasure Rides and then declare as a team.

Scoring will be based on French Formula which takes into account your performance across Speed, Distance and Final Heart Rate resulting in a score that will then be used for deciding the winning team.

To enter you must declare with your entry (with a creative team name) on the entry form or declare it on the day - We are not charging an additional entry fee for it again this year. You can also change your team members in the ride office when you check in on the day if necessary.

If you cannot organise a team and want to join in the fun just add "Open Team" to the entry form and we will allocate you to a team of like minded people.

Riders must present their horses to the vets before and after their ride and also ensure their start and finish times are recorded by the time keepers to enable us to generate a score.

Team members do not have to ride together and can do either the 16km or 32m route (riders in a team do not have to do the same distance - so, for example, you can have one member do the 16km and 3 do the 32km).

French Formula

(Speed x 2 - Minimum speed of ride x 100)
Divided by Final Heartrate

  • Horses are vetted pre post ride.
  • Start and Finish times are recorded.
  • The formula is applied for each rider and horse combination and allows us to place riders or add together for a team score.
  • It rewards riders with fit horses as two horses riding at the same speed but one with a lower final heart rate will be ranked with the lower heart rate horse being higher placed.
  • It can also mean that a rider with a low heart rate at a slower speed can be ranked higher than a faster rider with a higher heart rate.

ILDRA National Championships 2022

Please note you MUST enter in advance

Senior Open - 80KM ER

Junior Open - 80km ER

Senior Open - 80KM CTR

Junior Open - 80km CTR

Senior Intermediate - 64km CTR

Junior Intermediate - 64km CTR

Senior Novice - 40km CTR

Junior Novice - 40km CTR

All ILDRA members are eligible to compete in the National Championship classes

Just Enter the appropriate class on the Entry Form and if eligible you will automatically be entered for the Championship.

Note you have to be qualified to the appropriate level by a recognised body to enter any competitive rides.

Anyone wishing to do an ER please contact us.

St. Patrick's Coast 2022

All entries must be made on-line using ILDRA entry system.
Entries will close on the Tuesday before the ride or when our quota is full.

Click here to Enter

Classes for 2022

2022 Classes

Please note you MUST enter in advance (on-line or ask for a paper entry form).

Entries on the day will NOT be accepted

Loop distances and vet checks for ER and CTRs to be confirmed.

80km ER - TBC Mass Start 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

80km CTR - 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

64km CTR - 2 x 32km loops Vet Gate after 32km

48km CTR - 1 x 32km + 1 x 16km Vet Gate after 32km

40km CTR - 1 x 40km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km CTR - 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km PR - 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

16km PR - 1 x 16km loop No in ride Vet Gates - No Beach


  • Western
  • Side Saddle
  • Open Team Class
  • BHS Gold Member PR & CTR Classes
  • Member and Non-Member Pleasure Ride Awards
  • ILDRA National Championship Classes
  • Varuous specials and awards on the day

Prizes and rosettes for all classes and specials.

Remember to record a score you MUST vet before and after your ride and ensure your time out and time back are recorded by the timekeepers

St. Patrick's Coast Pleasure Ride Trophy

What is it?

At St. Patrick's Coast we have a trophy for the best Pleasure Rider.

It is open to everyone doing a Pleasure Ride whether a member of ILDRA or not. You can also compete if doing either the 16km or 32km ride.

Scoring is based on a recognised endurance formula that factors in the distance ridden, your speed/time taken and your final Heart Rate. These figures are all put into the system and a score comes out giving us a winner. It could be you...

To compete for this trophy all you need to do is present yourself to the vets for a pre-ride vetting after you have checked in and got your number and before setting out. Make sure your start and finish times are recorded by the stewards and then within 30 minutes of finishing re-present to the vets for a final vet check - you, well your horses, heart rate must be below 64bps.

It costs no extra - your standard Pleasure Ride entry covers this competition so why not add an extra degree of interest to the day and have a go. Just vetting after will give you a good indication of your horse’s fitness.

PR Trophy Kilgarry Breezer What is it?

Pleasure Rides

Pleasure Rides of 16km (10 miles) and 32km (20 miles) will be available.

The 16km km takes in forest and some of the old gallops that formed part the Old Racecourse. It does not include the Beach section

The 32km ride covers old railway tracks, farm tracks & lanes, open fields and of course the beaches. It doesn't include the forest section.

Remember to add some more fun to the day why not compete for the Pleasure Ride Trophy - all you need to do is go though a simple Vetting process before and after the ride and make sure your start and finish times are taken. See separate section for more details on this trophy and vetting.

Non-Members welcome

All entries must be made in advance - details about 6 weeks before the event.

Entry Fee £20.00
This has been reduced from £22.00 in 2019 but we hope you come and support our evening event as well when we get a chance to say thank you to the farmers who allow us assess to their lands and, for 2022 only, to celebrate (belated due to covid) ILDRA's 30th Anniversary (with cake)

CTR Competitive Rides

A range of Competitive rides will be available staring at 32km (20 miles) and going up to 80km (50 miles).

You must be a member of ILDRA or other recognised Endurance organisation and you and your horse or pony must be qualified to ride the distance entered.

All entries must be made on-line and in advance. << Click for On-Line entries >>

ER Endurance Rides

ERs (Endurance Rides) of 80km (50 miles) will be available. If demand justifies we can also run a 120km (75 mile) ride as well. Please email or Facebook us if interested. No interest expressed - No ride.

You must be a member of ILDRA or other recognised Endurance organisation and you and your horse or pony must be qualified to ride the distance entered.

All entries must be made on-line and in advance. << Click for OnLine Entries >>

Riding for the Disabled

St. Patrick's Coast are delighted to once again host riders and their helpers from the RDA in 2019.